TikiPop Online Slot Rating and reviews

TikiPop is an exciting new online slot game brought to you by Yggdrasil and AvatarUK. This game makes use of the PopWins system, which may result in up to 33,614 different ways for players to win. It’s a 5-reel game with 243 different ways to win, and it has a Polynesian or Aztec idol theme, depending on how you look at it. Any symbols that are part of a winning combination will “pop,” so increasing the number of rows and making it simpler to form winning combinations.

This game is optimized for Windows PCs, iOS devices, Android devices, and PCs, and some of its features include free spins with multipliers and high-paying symbols. You have the opportunity to win up to 32,000 times your initial wager during the free games bonus round. At the highest stakes, this equates to 1,600,000.00. The gameplay of the TikiPop online slot machine is both entertaining and very volatile, and it comes with a return to player percentage that is typically about 96.1%.

Instructions on How to Play the Slots Game TikiPop

An old pyramid may be seen poking its way through the dense vegetation of the jungle in some far-flung corner of the planet. In front of this backdrop is a 5×3 grid of colorful symbols, which fills the reels of the TikiPop slot machine with Aztec-themed sculptures and high card insignia. The game is surrounded by a frame that has an effect of gold, and even the control buttons have the appearance of being created from precious metal.

Both the desktop and mobile versions of the game include buttons that are straightforward to use and operate. At the online casino sites that we suggest, your current bet level is shown just below the spin button, and clicking on it reveals staking possibilities ranging from 0.2 to 50.00 for each spin. The two arrows at the top of the screen activate a function that gives you automated spins, and the three thin lines right at the bottom of the screen lead you to a payout table.

This provides further information about the Popwins method, as well as a breakdown of the amount of money you win from each symbol when you match three or more of the same symbol across reels from either side. As more and more rows are added, it will be simpler to emerge victorious.

Features of the TikiPop Slot Game, Including Free Spins

Every time a winning spin occurs, the PopWins mechanism is triggered. After a win, all of the symbols involved “pop,” leaving behind two symbol places, one on top of the other and making the reels longer. Then, more symbols will begin to surface, and if this results in another winning combination, you will get further ‘pops,’ which will further lengthen the reels.

It becomes increasingly simpler to produce winning combinations, and once all of the reels stretch to 5 rows high, a multiplier that is 2 times the normal amount is activated. The round will continue until a combination is reached that does not win, and you will be rewarded at the conclusion of the round. After then, the reels will reset to have three rows high, and you will begin the process once again.

Any three, four, or five golden scatter symbols will offer seven, eleven, or fifteen free spins, respectively. There is an opportunity to bet in order to get more free spins; however, you should proceed with caution since there is a fifty-fifty possibility that you will not win the gamble and will instead be sent back to the games that require a wager.

There are a few adjustments that may be made to make the free games into a very gratifying component of the feature. They begin on a reel that has a configuration chosen at random, and the number of rows may range anywhere from 4-3-3-3-4 to 5-5-5-5-5-5. The PopWins system is still operational, but the reels do not reset at the conclusion of a series. Furthermore, during this round, you have the option to increase the reels to seven rows high, which provides you with a maximum of 33,614 different possibilities to win.

Additionally, a win multiplier increases by one time for each victory in a series of pops without ever being reset, and after the reels have completely extended, you are eligible for additional free spins. In addition to this, a new symbol with a huge payout might show up, which could result in even more significant winnings.

The TikiPop Slot Machine’s Highest Possible Wins, Highest Possible Volatility, and Average Returns

The extreme volatility of the game may result in a string of losing spins, but the comparatively large average reward amounts help to keep things in perspective. The TikiPop online slot machine has a long-term average return of 96.10 credits for every 100.00 credits that are wagered on the game.

It is possible to win an incredible 32,000 times your entire wager, and if you are playing with the maximum of 50,000.00, it comes out to a whopping 1,600,000.00.

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